Our Story


Xpert Technical Driving School is a Coquitlam-based driving school. We believe strongly in safe driving and the simplification of driving techniques.

We think beyond the road test! Our main goal is a lifetime of safe driving.



     Xpert Technical Driving School has been established on a foundation of many years of experience in the driver training industry. With the simplification of common driving techniques, we create an environment where our learners can achieve knowledge, confidence, and a lifetime of safe driving.

     We have learned, from many years of driver training, that one of the most challenging issues facing our students is how to perform complicated driving techniques. At Xpert, we analyze and simplify the complicated manoeuvres that many new drivers experience difficulty with, by placing students in similar, realistic environments, all while in the seats of our safe, comfortable, top-model cars.

Tough driving techniques taught with simplicity, along with detailed instructions of road rules and regulations has been proven to create confident drivers!




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